Our all time legends - Meet Marion Fournier

Our all time legends - Meet Marion Fournier

When it comes to our all-time legends, Marion is a little different from the rest.

She is a key member of the Run Taupo organising committee. Managing registration and a host of other important tasks for each event. She also deals with all participant queries (there are quite a few) and has most likely helped you out at some stage over the years.

All of this means she is far too busy on event day to head out and do the half marathon with everyone else. So every year, one week before the event, Marion is out there pounding the pavement completing the half marathon in solitude - a much more difficult challenge indeed!!

Marion is also a member of the Taupo Half Marathon Society. A grant supported by the Taupo Marathon & Kinloch Off-road challenge. Of which over $250,000 has been distributed to young sports people of the Taupo district since 1996. And guess who has a big say in determining who receives funding - Marion of course.

Also heavily involved in the local Harrier club...and we could go on and on, but you get the point. When it comes to all time legends, Marion is right near the top of the list. Extremely generous with her time - always supporting others, and a valued member of the Taupo community for sure!

We asked Marion a few questions:

When did you begin running/walking?

I started walking when my favourite gym closed late 1993 and I didn’t fancy other options. A few months later I read about a new half marathon starting up so went along to the local sponsor to collect an entry form and training program and have since completed over 35 half marathons and one full marathon.

What drives you to return year after year?

I come back each year for the atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and easy course just to see how long I can keep doing it. Over the years I have walked in all weather conditions from frosty, icy roads and snow to pouring rain.

Do you have any event highlights you'd like to share?

My highlight or greatest achievement along with the first event was in 2008 when I completing the event four weeks after finishing chemo and radiation treatments. While my time was not great making it to the finish line was something special and a real celebration.

Do you have any motivation secrets to help get out the door?

Having a goal like completing a half marathon is the best motivation for getting me out there training on the cold dark winter mornings and having a hyperactive dog who needs to be walked helps too. Joining the Taupo Harrier Club and having that camaraderie is also good motivation.

Marion Fournier

Posted: Thursday 26 April 2018