100 Half Marathons

100 Half Marathons

The Taupo Marathon was the start of running half marathons 9 years ago and this year on August 4th, I will be running my number 100 Half Marathon in 10 years. After a number of years, I decided this is a great goal to aim for, and began fundraising for Red Cross too. Hopefully by August, it’ll be a good amount.

I do this at the age of 62, so started at 52 and am still enjoying every minute of it (although recovery becomes a bit harder). Before that, I had never run a half marathon ever! Since that first half marathon 9 years ago, I have also completed 14 full marathons (with New York and Sydney being the highlight), and have run a full marathon on a treadmill in memory of my wife, who died from the side effects of cancer at the age of 49 years old. I did this in the lobby of the Novotel Tainui and had several All Blacks support me on the day.

I hope to inspire others to get moving, in particular the ones who think that it is not possible. With a bit of determination, dedication, training and the right mind set, you can achieve anything in life. I must admit that the passing of my wife at the age of only 49 years old in September 2011, gave me even more inspiration - she would be proud of me.

Dick Breukink

Posted: Friday 23 February 2018