Only two sleeps to go. It’s the final countdown!

Only two sleeps to go. It’s the final countdown!

Only two sleeps to go. It’s the final countdown (and now that song is stuck in your head, muhahaha). Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Even more yes.

I’ve been reflecting on the last 9.5 weeks, and how far I’ve come, and whether or not I’ve achieved what I set out to do. I wanted to run 10km. We’ll see how well I do this coming Saturday, even though I’ve proven that I can already (so so so proud, you have no idea). I wanted to change some bad habits.

Here’s the run-down on the changes I’ve made.

I’ve tried something new. Our group training included different ways to exercise. Some I liked (core stuff), some I didn’t (aaaargh, spin class). 

Knowledge. Running technique (not something I ever gave much thought to before), nutrition and how to mix up a training schedule so that it’s not just 10 weeks of boring running. I also discovered Spotify’s running playlists – an exciting day.

Weight. Haven’t lost much. Who cares? Not me anymore. Jeans are looser – bonus.

Eating. Possibly related to lack of weight loss. Could have done better here. But I have something to say about this one…

One of the things I really loved about this programme was Amy and Nikki’s attitude to food and diet. They provided information, support and advice without putting us on a horrible diet or making anyone feel bad when not-so-healthy choices were made (and they were, in my case, I’m working on it). Amy said at the very beginning that diet changes shouldn’t be drastic, that we shouldn’t cut out everything and that whatever changes we made would need to be sustainable longer-term. So I still eat baking, but I do eat less of it (that’s a miracle in itself). I eat the same food as the rest of my family, and I choose healthier recipes or a healthier version. It’s been great, and know I’ll continue the improvement.

So although I could have done better, I do suspect that if I had cut out all bad food I’d be diving into the baking tins straight after the event and going straight back to where I started. The changes I have made are new habits that will stay with me. 

Fitness. Yee haa. From not being able to run one block at the start, now I can run for ages. It’s not pretty, and I am far from looking like one of those girls in active-wear adverts. But slow runners make fast runners look good. You’re welcome.

Wetting myself. Such a wonderful topic, this one. I am pleased to announce that things have vastly improved in this area of my life. I am feeling quite confident that I won’t embarrass myself on Saturday (as long as I don’t have to sneeze while running).  I am just as excited about this as I am about my improved fitness, you have NO idea. Excellent.

So… I have managed to incorporate regular exercise into my life without too much sacrifice. Exactly what I wanted. So happy. Big thanks to Nikki van Beek, Amy Crawford, the rest of the 10.10.10 group (you guys are awesome), my supportive family, and must give a “wee” shout out to Leah at Nurture Physiotherapy.

PS: in case you were wondering, physio for pelvic floor muscles is a GREAT idea – it’s not scary, you do have to answer some embarrassing questions, but you get to keep your dignity (and your pants on – no need to strip).

Posted: Thursday 4 August 2016