Ready to race

Ready to race

Our group training this week was a “practise run”. We started where the actual event will start and the aim was to run 10km, doing exactly what we expected to do on the day. The weather was TERRIBLE. Rain, wind, and cold cold cold. That icy wind straight off the lake – brrrrr.

So many decisions to make before the start…

Hydration. Having suffered with a headache after every other long run, I drank a heap of water in the morning and needed three toilet stops before I even started, and then wondered how bad my “wee” problem would be…. (turns out my pelvic floors were up for the challenge – yee haa).

What to wear. I hate cold, so naturally I over-dressed and about 4 minutes in regretted my long-sleeved merino choice, rolled up my sleeves and spent the next 20 minutes wondering what I should wear on the actual day. Was very glad I’d covered my ears – that wind was bitter.

Music or not? I opted for not, as music is discouraged on the day – gotta have your wits about you. My decision meant a lot of panic about how I would keep a consistent pace, what would distract me from the pain and that my longest run wouldn’t be recorded on my app thing.

Food. I took some jet planes. Which happened to solve the music issue, as I then had “Leaving on a Jet Plane” stuck in my head for most of the run.

Did I do it? YES I DID. Slowly, but I did. Best bit – finishing, having run the whole way. Worst bit – when the wind blew my ankles together and I almost fell over. I managed an impressive if not elegant recovery, much to the amusement of a nearby group of tourists. What got me through? Training helped, of course, but mainly the help and encouragement of our coaches and the group I am doing this challenge with. They are awesome.

Shout out to Leah at Ladies, go and see her.

Less than 2 weeks until the event – bring it.

PS – I got a headache afterwards anyway.

Posted: Wednesday 27 July 2016