Isa's latest running blog on progress and slacking off

Isa's latest running blog on progress and slacking off

I went for eight days (yes, EIGHT days) without a single run. Why would I do that? Well everyone has their own challenges, and mine is mental. I wasn’t feeling the buzz, so I didn’t go. Vicious cycle, really, as I’m sure if I’d just put my shoes on and left the house I would have been just fine.

We had a group training session that involved going up the Acacia Bay stairs, and up a very cool bush track that I didn’t know existed. The session was on a Sunday and my shins were sore until the Thursday. FOUR DAYS. A very convenient excuse not to move much, for someone who is naturally lazy. 

By Sunday I panicked, as by then I’d been on the radio, and written a little article in the paper – and a friend had sent me pictures of another article in a national walking magazine about the 10.10.10 challenge. With my name in it.

So Monday morning I ran 8kms. Did you get that? I RAN EIGHT KMS! Again, after a week off. Again, with an instant headache afterwards. Our coach said I’m on the verge of needing water and food at around an hour, so will plan for that. And was very sore. but did it.

My point is: I’m sure everyone has “off” weeks when training is hard, or doesn’t happen. The thing I discovered is that a week off didn’t mean that I’d undone all of my hard work. With a bit of effort I got back into it. It was very encouraging.

Posted: Wednesday 20 July 2016